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Cryptocurrency that will evolve into daily life from construction/industrial fields


'Hidden' means secret, being out of sight and mysterious. Hidden Coin is digital encryption currency (cryptocurrency) for replacing various payment costs including construction / industrial materials, wages from cash, checks and bills.
In addition, as transactions are made in various fields, demand, supply, and use of Hidden Coins among coin holders will increase exponentially. And the ripple effect will be tremendous.

The Birth and Development of Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a type of digital currency, which consists of a system that uses a hash function to generate new coins and verify transaction history for security. According to the algorithm that verifies transactions, it is classified into “job proof” and “equity proof” method.Bitcoins developed in 2009 lead to the advancementof various encryption currencies such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and etc.

Over the years, the cryptocurrency market has grown tremendously. Recently, however, a lot of countries in the world have concerned the negative effect of rapid growth of the cryptocurrency. Through thispart of concerns, various regulations have been created. In the aftermath, the entire cryptocurrency market has been somewhat shrunken. According to experts, however, this is only an evidence that the existing system is notresponding properly to new changes such as block chains, cryptocurrency and etc.

Development Background

Numerous cryptocurrencies with a market capitalization of hundred trillion won are actively traded for the purpose of investment and speculation. But it is a fact that the actual use for billing and payment is infinitesimal.
Unlike other Cryptocurrency, Hidden Coin is developed with the emphasis on payment and billing system. Also, Hidden Coin ultimately aims actual use as a currency.

Hidden Coin began with a thought of ways to make these many payments more convenient. The delay in payments, late payment of checks and bills lead to bankruptcy and late payment of wages, making the life of participating companies and industrial workers more difficult and harsher.

We would like to overcome these problems through the development and use of Hidden Coin. Users can purchase coins at low prices, and holders can get added value by increasing coin price. In addition, we will gradually expand the user, usage, and business to develop as an exchange medium such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and etc. Furthermore, we are making process with the goal of using nationwide scale so that we can trade with Hidden Coin anywhere.

Features and Benefits

Many coins have been developed since the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution They are maintaining communications among people, giving them great benefits. Hidden Coin will evolve into one of these coins, and will be used for billing purposes when purchasing building materials worldwide. Furthermore, Hidden Coin will also establish systems to continue listing on domestic and international exchanges. Indeed, it will grow to be a promising coin like Bitcoin.

  • Unit: HDN
  • Total: 8 billion
  • Daily mining: 10,800
  • Block generation cycle: 1 block per 2 min
  • Algorithm: x11
  • E-Wallet: Use coin purse only for Hidden Coin
  • Used for payment and purchase of various additional industries derived from construction/ industrial fields
  • It is scheduled to be listed on domestic exchanges such as Coin Rail, Bithumb, Upbit, Coinone, and overseas exchanges such as Binance, Coin Market, and Bittrex.


It is our ultimate goal and vision to grow Hidden Coin into a global coin that can exceed Bitcoins in the waves of numerous cryptocurrencies.

The1st plan of Hidden Coin is to make Hidden Coin usable as a method of payment, purchase and billing in various construction / industrial fields including construction, civil engineering, interior and so on. In addition, a numerous additional industries derived from these kinds of fields (services, materials, equipment, accommodation, meals, other services, etc.) would help to expand the Hidden Coin.
Our 2nd plan is to expand the usageto the daily life as well as construction / industrial fields. We plan to expand the usage and use of coin naturally through the numerous transactions in construction / industrial sites across the country. Ultimately, we look forward to enable the use of Hidden Coin in everyday life. On the other hand, we would like to improve the lives of ordinary people through the distribution and use of Hidden Coin.
The 3rd plan is to list the Hidden Coin, certified in Korea, on the world and to establish itself as a global coin. It is our ultimate goal and vision to grow Hidden Coin into a global coin that can exceed Bitcoins in the waves of numerous cryptocurrencies.


Cryptocurrency that will evolve into daily life from construction/industrial fields


  • Company : QMUD PTE LTD
  • E-Mail :
  • Category : Architecture, interior, real estate development, etc.
  • Specific Field : construction via new technological method, method for shortening construction period, labor cost reduction technology, raw material reduction technology, civil complaints reduction technology, heat insulation enhancing technology, heating cost reduction technology, condensation reducing technology, seismic cost reduction technology, introduction of new technology.

White Paper

This is a Hidden Coin White Paper with all the information you need about Hidden Coin.

Road Map

Cryptocurrency that will evolve into daily life from construction/industrial fields



ICO scheduled

Establishment of domestic business partners

Expansion of customers in fields such as construction, glass, electricity, wood, Remicone, interior, cement, wall papering

Sponsorship of domestic sports events

Sponsoringnationwideamateur charity golf tournaments, multi-area sports including boxing tournaments.


In March, BITONBAY Exchange Listed

Expansion of domestic and overseas business partners

Promoting the listing in domestic Exchanges

Sponsorship of large-scale sports tournaments in Korea


Promoting the listing in domestic and overseas Exchanges

Stabilize the system for each country